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The Value of Open-Source Data in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a never-ending battle. The hackers are often one step ahead of the cybersecurity professionals. A key method to get an upper hand on the hackers is by leveraging open-source data and collaborating with other cyber professionals in the community.

Cybersecurity professionals can use open-source data to create new tools and techniques that can help them fight back against the hackers. Open-source data also helps to build a strong community of cyber professionals who can work together to make sure that they are not letting their guard down, even when they are not working at their computer screens or writing code.

However, despite how valuable open-source data can be when used collaboratively, it does not get the kudos it deserves in the world of cybersecurity.

There is currently a deficiency of around 3 million cybersecurity researchers worldwide. Comparing that with a rise of around 15 billion Internet of Things devices by 2025, there is a danger that as the number of devices increase, so do the attack surfaces for unethical hackers and threat actors.

Information security researchers cannot do everything to protect the cyber world by themselves. The demand for their work is simply being outnumbered by the influx of insecure devices. Essentially, there will come a time where there are simply too many devices in any given ecosystem to conclude that a system is secure. This D-day may be sooner than we think if a collaborative approach isn’t adopted in the cybersecurity community very soon.

Iotabl gives information security researchers access to a pool of datasets which would otherwise need to be collected via hundreds of Google searches. This lets them cover more ground over less time, ultimately allowing them to speed up their project delivery and pocket cash on a far more regular basis. Iotabl also allows these researchers to find each other via the platform to collaborate on projects where there may be a gap in their knowledge – again speeding up project delivery and improving the quality of the service.

If you’re a security researcher, ethical hacker, or someone who simply enjoys breaking devices for fun, please get in touch to see how we can improve your workflow!

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